A Distant Journey by Toon Tellegen

The philosophical animal stories by famous Dutch author Toon Tellegen are brought to life in the app ‘A Distant Journey’. Now even the youngest can enjoy the story of the elephant, the squirrel and a mysterious tree. This interactive story is perfect for parents and teachers who want to spend some quality time with their children or want to hand them something interesting and thoughtful to do on their own.

With hand drawn illustrations by artist Gwen Stok, a compelling and heartfelt soundtrack by Half Way Station, lively animations and various interactions, this heartwarming story will keep children coming back again and again. Reading the story themselves or listen as the story is being told.


  • A light philosophical story that will surely raise an interesting conversation
  • Beautiful, hand drawn illustrations
  • An original, heartfelt soundtrack
  • Reading itself is the game mechanic, no distractions or ads!

Available now on iOS and Android!


Cinekid AppLab

"With fluid swipe movements you will navigate through this narrated and wonderful story (you can also choose to read it yourself). The beautiful illustrations and mysterious music make this one very original app...The app tickles the fantasy and offers a unique way to experience one of the many animal fables by Toon Tellegen."

Android World

"The app offers a very fun alternative to the static picture book and with an even more attractive price... Because of the beautiful imagery, kids will want to experience the story again and again, just like a real picture book!"

Awards en recognition

Gouden Guppy Winner

Peoples Lovie Winner

Bronzen Award Winner (Family & Kids Category)

Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award
(Special mention)

App of the month

Cinekid AppLab Award (Nominated)

A note for parents and teachers

Let children discover this literary work in a playful manner by letting them do small tasks that help them through the story. The option for (digital) narration in support of the on screen text makes the app suitable for even the youngest children. The app can be played on both iOS and Android smart phones and tablets and contains no advertisements or in-app purchases!

About YipYip Kids

At YipYip Kids we develop child friendly apps and games. Often with an educational purpose but sometimes just with fun and play as the main goal. We work hard to make inspiring apps for both child and parent that tickle the imagination and give reason to talk about it afterwards. And most importantly: we create a safe, digital environment where children will not be bothered by advertisements or content locked behind in-app purchases!

The creators

Toon Tellegen


It’s marvelous!

Gwen Stok


It’s a huge compliment that Toon Tellegen approves of the illustrations I made for this story, especially because it all started out of a big admiration for his work.

Paul Bierhaus

Art director

We tried to get the app as close as possible to the warm and friendly feel of something crafted on paper by hand.

Half Way Station


From a playful mindset we tried various acoustic and digital instruments to create a multi layered atmosphere for this story. Somehow it is very light but somewhat dark at the same time.


Written by

Toon Tellegen


Gwen Stok


Half Way Station

Narrated by

John Cavanagh

Translated by

David Colmer


Gwen Stok & Tim Pelgrim

Directed by

Paul Bierhaus

Querido Children’s Books

Adjunct Publisher

Wendy Wilbers

Online sales & marketing

Dorien Morselt & Thea Otte

Dutch Foundation for Literature


Suzanne Meeuwissen

Image Festival

Marketing, event organisation & advice

Theo Seesing


Marketing & communications

Zita Bebenroth


Tim Pelgrim, Robin Kruijt & Evert Verboven

Animation & Sound-design

Paul Bierhaus

Graphic design

Tim Nooteboom & Robin Heij


Marilyn Wijnands

Special thanks

Emile op de Coul

The app ‘A Distant Journey’ is an initiative by Gwen Stok (Gwenst) and YipYip, in collaboration with Querido Children’s Books. Development is made possible by the Dutch Foundation for Literature and IMG Festival.

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